Refund Policy provides the option of testing our services free of charge and you can request a refund provided that all the following conditions are met:

A refund is requested in the first 24-hours of your first purchase.
Only the first payment is eligible for a refund (subsequent payments are not refundable).
Only payments less than or equal to $150 are considered eligible for refunds.

For Mobile Proxy Networks:

NOTE 1: Cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin and others) are refundable in the currency they were paid.

NOTE 2: Reseller account invoice payments are non-refundable.

Once the above conditions are met, you will be refunded for the first payment (for your first, initial order) and the outstanding balance as shown in your account. That means that any other purchases you made in the first 24-hours (your second order, third order, and so forth) are not eligible for a refund.

You can file a refund request by contacting support.